Budget Industrial Lights Idea Board {Love My DIY Home}

Industrial Lighting on a Budget

It’s Time to Shed Some Light on Your DIY Projects Since becoming an affiliate for several online stores, I’ve got the Gimme Gots for home decor. Industrial, vintage, farmhouse…today’s styles are quite interesting and look great with the new painted/distressed/antiqued furniture look. Definition: Gimme Gots gim·me /ˈɡimē/ informal – contraction verb: gimme = give me gotz / slang for have An overwhelming feeling that one must have something that is only satisfied by the purchase of the first and last detail.   With Spring around the corner, we’re all dreaming of updates – my latest piece to my puzzle is lighting. We have two hallways in desperate need some statement lighting – you know, that just right fixture that gives you pause. You’ve painted the accent table and and hung a matching mirror. The walls have a fresh coat of paint and the flooring is done. The rugs, baskets, candles … Read more

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