Stand Alone Cabinet – A Side of the Road Rescue

My friend, Lisa, picked up a little free standing jelly cabinet alongside the road and brought it to church, asking me if I wanted it. It was pretty icky… …bruised and battered with stains and a couple of bandaids stuck to the shelf. Gross! But I saw its potential. has a similar cabinet for $138.99. Amazon has one for $137.99. Well, when I say similar” I mean if it were new. And clean. And never before touched by human hands. The “saving” process… My DH cut off part of the legs so it would fit under my kitchen cabinet island. After cleaning it up a bit, I cut paintable textured wallpaper to fit the shelves. At first the plan was to just paint them, but there was no white spray paint to be found. So when trying to figure out what else would suffice (I’m not one to wait … Read more

Chef Tess Taco Soup - Meals in a Jar

Survival in a Crisis: DIY Prepared Pantry – Meals in a Jar

We need balance. Food Prep. Emergency Kits. Crisis Planning. BOBs. I've spent a LOT of time reading about prepared pantries, pantry design, emergency planning, etc. Though I see the value in "prepping," I'm maintaining my determination to remain balanced. So, what is a prepared pantry? How much is too much? I'm thinkin' many folks go overboard and spend money and time on prepping at the expense of other responsibities. Yet, I realize by looking around me, myself included, most have done nothing in the area of preparedness. I want to change that and develop the mind set that I can't rely on the grocery store around the corner to always have what I need. I want to be prepared.   source   So, let's strike a balance. I want to challenge you to take a look at the supplies you have in your home, which I'm betting is very sparse, … Read more

Canning jars for food storage

Survival in a Crisis: DIY Pantry Preparedness – Puttin’ Up for the Winter

Today I have a treat for you. I have a guest writer, Heather, from The Welcoming House Blog here today to tell you about how she has prepared her pantry. She is prepared for a food crisis, are you? I'm not, but I plan to be, very soon. Good morning to you! As a blogger who covers Food Storage every single week on Food Storage Saturdays, I can tell you that over and over I hear the same three questions or comments in regards to food storage. When Val asked me to guest post for her, I was thrilled simply because this is a subject I love to write on. I love to show people how common sense it is to start and use a food storage system, and how to do it easily and frugally. Food storage, as it is now called, used to be called "saving for a … Read more

crisis chart by cooldesign

Survival in a Crisis: DIY Pantry Preparedness – Using Food Dehydrators

This year I’m focusing on DIY Preparedness for my home and family. How do you think you would do if your family experienced a disaster? Image courtesy of cooldesign / Earlier this week I addressed the need for an emergency fund as described by Dave Ramsey. Have you considered what you would do if suddenly there was a food shortage in your hometown, state or even across the country? There is a video online that walks you through the need for preparedness – click here to watch it. I will warn you, it’s one of those annoying videos that you have to read, can’t fast forward or pause. My son-in-law and I bought the booklet they recommended at the end, and I’m glad we did. It opened my eyes and gave us some good ideas. Right now they are selling it for $37. I’m currently working through Uncensored Survival. … Read more

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