10 DIY Projects to Upcycle Old Picture Frames + A FREE Printable!

We downsized recently and have 4 boxes of old picture frames filled with my kid’s pictures. I don’t have much wall space in this new house, so I needed to figure out what to do with all the frames. Boxes and boxes of frames… Not only am I a Mom of Many; I am also a photographer. 15 8×10 frames of school pictures on one wall from my old house… various framed candids, family pictures, sports pictures, baby pictures etc. all over the other walls. That’s a lot of frames! After a bit of research online I have come up with some fab ideas to share with you. Actually I did this for me, but you are free to join the party. I encourage you to click on each original source to see the ones with tutorials and if you pin any projects, please do it from the original source … Read more

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