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DIY Cures? Is it Possible to Live Without Traditional Medical Assistance?

We’ve not had medical coverage for about 7 years. So when I read about alternative methods in strengthening our immune system and well-being like essential oils, I wondered. I also wonder if we have become so dependent on doctors that we forget to look for ways to heal ourselves naturally. Here is my disclaimer – I’m not a medical doctor and I’ve not been to medical school. If you have medical issues, be sure to consult a doctor. 🙂 Is it possible? If this new healthcare dealy actually happens (or “doesn’t work” is more like it) and we find ourselves without doctors, meds, and/or hospitals, what would we do? I think it’s time we explore our options. Ever thought about using Essential Oils? I know, I know. Just another gimmick to have those little girly parties and make money while chatting with friends. Well, I can’t personally guarantee essential oils … Read more

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