DIY Designer Desktop

Greetings, my peeps! (Adam, my dear SIL, I said that just for you!)   Confession time. My desktop was a mess. Seriously – there were folders and PDFs and files strewn all over my desktop and whenever I've cleaned it up it's lasted, oh maybe, 2 days?   I was cruising around on Pinterest (big surprise, right?) and saw this really cool desktop from Moritz Fine Designs. Heather offers a bunch of downloads in different sizes. Heather, I pinned your designs on my Pinterest board – thanks for the idea!   After checking out her designs, I said to myself, "Self, you could do that." So I did.     I measured my desktop at 14.5" X 9".   I opened a new file on Photoshop with those dimensions and placed a scrapbooking background paper on the board. Using the rectangle tool, I added boxes and colored them using the … Read more

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