Aiding Refugees in Lesvos {Love My DIY Home}

Helping Refugees – My Son’s Mission

  To My DIY Tribe:   As you look around you and see all that God has allowed you to have – a safe, clean home, warmth, family, friends, freedom of worship, medical support, possessions, warm clothing, jobs, money, entertainment, hobbies…   Please pray for my son, Andrew, volunteering on the island of Lesvos helping the refugees who are escaping from Turkey.   He is considering a dangerous move to help diminish the lives lost while escaping by boat. He is considering going to Turkey as a scout. He could end up in a Turkish jail if arrested for aiding the refugees.   Here is his journal if you want to read his first hand accounts:   This is the ultimate DIY – risking your own life to save people you have never met. He is supporting himself with the unemployment from his seasonal job. Please support him, … Read more

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