Disgusting Foreclosed Home {Love My DIY Home}

Keeping Up With the Joneses – From Polluted to Pleasing

From Polluted to Pleasing When you walk into a foreclosed home, the resulting smell that attacks you along with the less than appealing visuals can be very daunting. At first your sensibilities shout, “No! This is not what I want! I can’t deal with this. It’s too disgusting!” You say to yourself, “I can’t put my family in this place.” There is mold on the window frames, stains on the wood floors and carpet that is not cleaned since no one contacted carpet cleaning irvine and it did smell like dog urine and bedroom walls that look like a frustrated artist let go with wreckless abandon. Then your adventurous side kicks in and you start imagining what it could be. You see past the grossness and envision newly painted walls, ripped up carpet (check carpet cleaning atlanta ga here), and your Essential Oils diffuser cleaning the putrid air. In such … Read more

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