Non-funeral Pepper Party {Love My DIY Home}

The Pepper Party – A {DIY} Non-Traditional Funeral

The Pepper Party – a Funeral Alternative  Pepper Party: pep·per /ˈpepər/ par·ty /ˈpärdē/ n. 1. a. A ceremony or group of ceremonies held in honor of Pepper, a mom, grams, and meemaw. A non-funeral in celebration of life for the benefit of those left behind.   Be a rebel with a cause – do things your way, do it yourself and thumb your nose at tradition – change the rules for your family.   Sometimes DIYing is the best way to care for your family.   Let me show you what we did, but first…   Choose which photo warms your heart and gives you hope. This one… Or this one? Do you know anyone who found comfort in a traditional funeral? The thought of three days of standing around in a funeral parlor greeting visitors and then sitting through a funeral wasn't very appealing to our family. Have you … Read more

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