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 Keeping Up With the Joneses Series

Follow along as a family of 5 renovates their first home, a foreclosure in need of a serious facelift.
  • The Kitchen Before – Gunk everywhere, three layers of ugly linoleum, and the walls…indescribable!
  • Kitchen Demolition – Even the kids got involved in ripping the kitchen apart. Who says reno isn't fun!
  • Preparing the Walls  – Fixing holes and smoothing out the walls…the polkadots and red paint must go!
  • From Polluted to Pleasing  – Ever walked into a room and felt your health was at risk?
  • The Floors Won't Dry – High humidity? Bad polyeurethane? Did we apply it too soon or do it wrong?
  • Lose Those Ugly Floors – The stains and gouges make you think there is no hope. But then it all comes together. WOW!
The Reveal – Coming soon! Child #4 waylaid the reno!

Room Transformations

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