Apply [Retique It] Polyacrylic Without Drag

When I first started redesigning furniture, applying the topcoat was very frustrating for me.

It dried too quickly, giving me drag. Drag happens when you swipe another strip of poly overtop poly that has already started to dry. It's tricky to get a good application when the poly dries too fast.

This could happen if the room you are working in is very dry or too warm. So make sure there's enough humidity in the room and/or the proper temperature to give you time to work.

No matter what I did back then, I couldn't get a smooth, consistent finish.

After lots of sleepless nights, then plenty of practice and research, I discovered a method that works AND a product that makes it so very easy. In this video, I demonstrate applying Retique It Polyacrylic with a detailer sponge. Easy peasy!

The Polyacrylic (interior water-based polyurethane) and Polytique It (exterior marine water-based polyurethane) are perfectly suited for our furniture redesign needs.

It's durable and dries quickly, but not so quickly that we have to stress over applying it. It took me several years and many tries to come up with a product I could 100% recommend as easy to use and of excellent quality. Retique It also has Tripletique, an extra durable poly for high use interior use, and a blend of natural oils and wax, Hard Wax Oil.

What has been your experience? Does top coating still intimidate or frustrate you?

Happy Painting!

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