Fall Tablescape – Seven Days of Tips

 Creating a fall tablescape is easy and inexpensive if you use what you already have on hand.

Join me for 7 days of tips on how to bring it all together.

NOTE: These 7 tips were published a couple of years ago, but if you're looking for ideas, you'll see these again here on LMDH, three a day and one on Thanksgiving morning to help you decorate this year too.

Drag out all your decor you have stored around the house - stick it all in a pile on your kitchen table and play around with it!

You'd be surprised at what you an come up with.

Grab a candle stick here, a basket there, see what you can put together and then

And there ya go...

You have a super fancy tablescape unlike any other!


Fall Tablescape {Love My DIY Home}

Serving Bowl, Coffee Beans & a Candle

Here I put together a plain serving bowl that is a pedestal dish and filled it with coffee beans and set a candle in the middle of it. Easy peasey, right?

I got the glass dish years ago at a garage sale for $.25, and the candle at the day after Christmas sale at Michaels for $2.00. Coffee beans were a special blend at Walmart clearanced for $3.00/bag.

Now, I suggest you don't burn the candle, since I've heard that the coffee beans are very flammable (That's my disclaimer!). I put it in a candle holder before setting it into the beans just in case I want to light it.

But, either way, this makes for a pretty little display.

I don't know about you, but I get a little tired of the typical candle on a candlestick look.


Fall Tablescape {Love My DIY Home}


Be sure to add a bit of color nearby to draw out the color of your candle.

Thanks for visiting.

All the fall tablescape tips, delivered one at a time, throughout November (Some may not be available yet, depending on when you read this:

What are you planning for your Thanksgiving table?


Val @ Love My DIY Home

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  1. This is just lovely, and so simple. I rarely think of pulling together a few things I already have and creating something new. I’m going to keep that in mind the next time I want to perk up a little around here. Sometimes the smallest changes can make a huge impact.


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