Fall Tablescape – Seven Days of Tips 2

Happy fall, y'all! 

It's been snowy and cold here in Wisconsin. So cold.

But it's also B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

Fall WI Landscape {Love My DIY Home}


This is what I see on my way home every day.

Of course, when this is our inspiration - we want to bring this beauty into our homes.

But first, let's talk texture.

What do glass, wax and vegetables have in common?

Well, nothing until you bring them all together into a sweet little tablescape.


Pop Quiz:
What do you put on top of a candlestick?


A Pumpkin, of course!

Fall Tablescape {Love My DIY Home}


One key to keeping your tablescape interesting is to mix your textures. Put soft with hard, bumpy with smooth, round with square...OK, that's not a texture, but you get my drift.

Get creative. Use what you already have on hand. Go outside and see what free stuff you can use to beautify your home.

Then put it all together using different colors, textures, and shapes.


Fall Tablescape {Love My DIY Home}


Look at it from all angles. Move it around, mix and match until you see what you like.

Notice I didn't say "until you match the criteria of what makes a good display according to that Martha lady."

The key is "what you like." You are who you need to make happy.

Fall Tablescape {Love My DIY Home}


My DH thinks I'm silly for putting so much work into my decor. But why not - makes me happy!

I'll have more tablescape tips for you in a few days.

Here they are in order, but some may not be available yet, depending on when you visit:

Thanks for visiting!


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