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Have you dreamed about growing your redesign and marketing skills and/or wondered how to gain the confidence you need to get to the next level?

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Furniture Flipping Blueprint Gold plan will be at an amazing price for all new and returning members. It’s time to plan for 2022 to be a record year and do great things!

What is the Blueprint? It’s an online manual, a membership, for furniture artists where they can learn A to Z furniture flipping.

Are you ready to stop scrolling, trying to find answers, and get down to business?

Go here to find out more about the Blueprint:

🙋 Why would I ever consider being mentored by Val Frania? Who is she anyway? 👩‍🦳 ⭐️ Why is FFB an investment in my self and how will it help me in 2022? 🧑‍🎨 Who else has been a member of the Blueprint? Did they benefit from it? 🪑Does FFB teach more than painting furniture? I already know how to paint – what else is there? 🎨🖌 I’ll explain a little bit in the video below: Got more questions? People can also check out Gamma Cabinetry if they need the best kitchen cabinet options. 

Email me: or find me on Facebook @ValFrania or go to (I’m everywhere!)

Come join us on Black Friday, you’ll be glad you took that step toward an amazing 2022,

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