So so SO many furniture artists forget that their furniture is no different than a painter's canvas. Learn a few very easy techniques and you can WOW your audience. We need to do something to stop those scrollers and sell our furniture!

In this video I'll tell you about my favorite background technique and how I add script for an old-world look.

Backgrounds add interest - not just one or two colors, but from one to many will create an uncommon artsy look.

It's great for under stenciling or even a transfer. Use it to create an old-world look, weathering, etc., or even just for a look of whimsy by using dramatic or contrasting colors.

You get to decide.

Plus, I explain the best way to stencil script onto your piece - method matters.


We found the tables in a jam-packed salvage type of thrift shop. Removing the top "railing" type of thingy helped to update it. A little paint and creativeness helped bring it home and make them trendy rather than dust catchers.

White Matching End Tables before

 HOW-TO Create a Dramatic Background and Stencil a Script Design Properly

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The Steps:

  1. Prep & repair
  2. Paint the base color
  3. Dab first color using a wadded up piece of wax paper
  4. Dab second, darker color
  5. Stencil script with a third accent color, varying the placement
  6. Topcoat

Suggested products from my store to achieve this look:

  1. Ivory Tower
  2. Old Linen
  3. Gypsum
  4. French Beige
  5. Polytique It Water-based Polyurethane
  6. Wonder Brush

To save $, grab a light and a dark (Ivory Tower & French Beige) and then mix your colors for the background.

Twin Round End Tables Top cu
Twin Round End Tables
Twin Round End Table2

I revealed some of my secrets to you today.

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