Does no one know what bricks are?

We were looking for bricks at the local home improvement stores and none of the clerks knew what bricks were. They kept sending me to their pile of pavers. Apparently the newest generation of home improvers doesn’t use brick any more. As a matter of fact, if you do an online search for bricks, this is what you come up with: pavers, concrete blocks, bullnoses…Bullnoses? What’s bullnose?

I finally found a clerk at Home Depot that knew what an actual brick was (without me having to describe them and getting the blank deer caught in your headlights kind of look). She said you have to order them because no one carries them anymore. Um, OK. I guess the world is changing in many ways, including the most basic ways. A brick? I just can’t believe someone wouldn’t know what a brick is. In the fast-paced world of construction, efficiency and quality of materials can dictate the success of a project. It’s been my experience that one of the best decisions a project manager can make is choosing the right concrete supplier. With, you’re assured of getting premium mixtures that meet all regulatory standards and client specifications.

Did you know brick can be painted?

My FB friend, Leslie Stocker @ Colorways has an 80’s fireplace that needed updating:

Leslie Stocker Fireplace {Love My DIY Home}

Leslie applied a lime wash with Pure & Original’s Fresco Lime paint; the results are quite dramatic.

Environmentally friendly, lime paint is a centuries-old finish used as early as 1500 BC. ‘Fresco’ is Italian for ‘working wet’ and is best known in fresco wall murals throughout Europe.

I have used Pure & Original on a project before – I painted my mom’s old dresser for a contest, “A Family Dresser Rescue” and loved the quality.

Here is her “AFTER” picture:

Leslie Stocker Fireplace {Love My DIY Home}

Pretty amazing?

She also painted the brass trim on the fireplace screen with (affiliate) Rustoleum’s High Heat Protective enamel, Satin Black.

Leslie Stocker Fireplace {Love My DIY Home}

There is no reason to be “stuck” with parts of your home that are outdated. Leslie here shows us there is always a way to change our surroundings to fit our personal style. Visit Leslie at Colorways for more inspiration. Thanks, Leslie, for letting me share your project!

(afflink) Pier 1 Imports is also a good option. I found some (afflink) super cute bunnies at Pier 1 that would be adorable on a mantle. Here’s one of them…

Cute Bunny for on Your Manle {Love My DIY Home}
Isn’t that just the cutest thing?

Leave me a comment below – I’d like to hear about your fireplaces and how you’ve decorated them for the upcoming season.

NOTE: Due to many questions, I contacted Pure & Original to get more information. Here are Helene’s answers:

“Lime paint is beautiful on interior brick.

Bare brick, natural stone or slate (not coated with any kind of product)
As long as the surface is free of fat, dust and is solid (no loose parts), Fresco will adhere without using our special primer. If you dilute the Fresco (2-3 parts water : 1 part Fresco) you can create a beautiful lime wash. Or full coverage if you dilute it with the regular amount of water.

Brick, natural stone or natural slate covered with a coating (paint, lacquer)
Can also be painted with Fresco, but our special primer is needed for good adherence. So a transparent lime wash is not an option in that case. On the other hand, if you have any old bricks you wish to remove and get replace, you can call on services like rubble removal.

Fresco will adhere on exterior brick, but it is not tested on weather and air pollution circumstances since it is an interior product. So we do not recommend it for exterior use. For that we have Kalei, a special exterior paint, Kalei is only available on special order in the USA.”


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37 thoughts on “Brick Fireplace Update by Leslie Stocker”

  1. LOVE the fireplace!!! What color LIME PAINT did you use and where do you purchase it? I have a friend that could really use that facelift for his fireplace????

  2. Love the fireplace.  I have black slate around my fireplace that I don't want remove, do you think it will work on slate?

  3. I have a fireplace about same size. How much paint did you use. I want to make sure to have enough on hand since I have to order online. Love the look!

  4. I promise, there are people who still know what bricks are! Check with your local brick/stone installation company — chances are, they sell their own product, so you can always buy from them for your DIY projects.

  5. I just bought a 1924 craftsman style home with a red brick fireplace.  It's original to the house so I have mixed feelings about painting it or giving it any kind of wash. What are your thoughts on making such a permanent change to an old house?

    • I wouldn’t give it a second thought. I’m a firm believer in making our home reflect our own style, even if it’s unique. Life is short. Enjoy it. Things are just things. 🙂

      • I agree.  You're not tearing the fireplace out and replacing it with stainless steel and glass, you're just enhancing the beauty!  Go for it!  I think the house will even enjoy a fresh look!  And the old will shine through!

    • You should contact the company and ask! I’ve wondered the same thing, if it would hold up. Since it becomes part of the brick, I’m thinking it would be good. But don’t quote me!

  6. I have a newer home and I'm not blessed with any indoor brick walls.  My husband and I have been seaching for whitewashed brick paneling, but have come up empty handed.  Does anyone know if it is safe to lime wash brick paneling?  I saw a thing on Pinterest that showed using spackling, but it rubs off and you have to seal it, and my husband doesn't want to try that method.  What about the chalk paint?  Would that work?

  7. What color did Leslie use in her fireplace? I really like the look she produced but I am a little nervous about doing this to my fireplace. I am tired of the ‘brick’ color though. My fireplace occupies an entire wall so I am loathe to make a mistake.

  8. I love this and want to apply to my red brick fireplace. It has bricks for different colourations including shades of red, and greys. Will the darker colours still look. Bit darker than the reds. I like the variations

  9. Hello! I’d love to do this to my fireplace. Three questions though: what colour of fresco lime did you use? And did you brush it on evenly (covering bricks and mortar?). And did you water down the fresco lime paint?
    Thanks in advance!
    It looks beautiful!

  10. I have hated my red brick fireplace and I am going to use your idea in redoing mine. I love the look and can’t wait to get started on mine. Great job! Thank you so very much for sharing.

  11. Love the fireplace update with pure and originals. Have a few question as going back if it goes wrong is not easy.
    I am thinking I would prefer a shade darker and perhaps use warm grey. Should I dilute this say 70/30 ? Also is one coat sufficient. Does it need sealing. Do I paint over the pointing

    • You’ll just have to play with it to get the right consistency and color. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to dilute it to see if that is sufficient. This was a shared project. I’d contact the company to find out more. When I used P&O on furniture, I do topcoat. But for brick, I’d ask the company.


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