Desk Flip – September FFFC Geometric Design Contest

The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest challenges DIY bloggers to create a great piece of furniture following certain guidelines. #sponsored

This contest is sponsored by General Finishes who donated a blogger’s choice product to finish the piece.

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #FFFC

The theme was “geometric design.”


How do you incorporate geometric design on a piece of furniture, and in my case, a desk? Why, with Mod Podge, of course!

Let’s start with a “before” picture. Brace yourself, it’s pretty sad…

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #FFFC

My DH and I found it alongside the road. It looked like a kid’s painting project gone bad but…it was sturdy and in decent shape.

I picture a high school student sitting at this desk working through her (had to be a “her” with all the pink and purple paint) geometry homework.

It is obvious she tried to create a stylish, fun desk to use but

she missed the mark…just a bit.

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #FFFC

As you can see, she painted over the hardware too.

I thought it appropriate to do a desk makeover – to symbolize the future business executive the past owner geometry student would become.

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #FFFC

The poor thing was begging to go home with me, screaming (the desk was the one screaming, not me)…

“Can you please help me?!”

So I did the only decent thing a DIY’er can do – I said, “Sure.”

Then I turned and said to DH, “Can you please help me?!”

And he did the only decent thing a DH of a DIY’er can do – He said, “Sure.”

So let’s take a look at the flipping process…

Step 1

Sand the entire piece and fill in any nicks with wood filler.

Step 2

Prime. Lightly sand after it is dry using a 3M Sanding Sponge, Fine Grit to remove any bumps and bugs. (I prime with spray paint out on the front lawn and bugs love my work!). Prime again if needed.

Step 3

Spray paint the entire piece with your base color if you want to distress the piece and have a particular color in mind that you want to show through. This is quick and easy. I used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint, Ivory Bisque. Lightly sand after each coat to keep the surface smooth.

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #FFFC

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #FFFC

Step 4

Paint your accent colors. Tape off if necessary. I used General Finishes Milk Paint, Coastal Blue. (Fab stuff!)

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #FFFC

 General Finishes has water based milk paints in a bunch of gorgeous colors.

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #FFFC

It was my first experience with this paint and found it to be quite easy to use. Not only did it seem to be a very good quality paint, it went on and dried to a smooth, gentle sheen. This is a very important feature when you are flipping a piece of furniture because you need a quality product to give you the “wow factor.”

Lightly sand in between coats.

Step 5

If you plan to distress, use a sanding sponge to the desired distress-isity (that word is from my DIY dictionary).

Step 6

ModPodge the drawers with your fave fabric. (Tutorial here.) I used chevron duck cloth from Hobby Lobby.

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #FFFC

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #FFFC

Step 7

Find the perfect drawer pulls. Hobby Lobby had drawer hardware 50% off this week!

To add interest, paint the sides of the drawers.

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #fabflippers

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #fabflippers

Step 8

Enjoy the reward of your efforts!

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #fabflippers

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #fabflippers

The Coastal Blue is a great contrasting color to the lime green. You can see the nice, smooth sheen on the desk top here.

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #fabflippers

The navy on the right side of the drawers is the final piece to the executive look.

As a reminder, here is the before and after together:

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #fabflippers

Desk Flip {Love My DIY Home} #fabflippers

What do you think? Was this piece worth the effort?

35 bloggers entered this month’s contest – stop by the FFFC website to see other fabulous projects. If you are interested in participating in a future contest contact

I just put together a PDF listing 4 Recipes for Homemade Chalk Paint, so if you are interested in giving it a try just click the picture below and I will send it to you FREE – and please, if you use the homemade chalk paint in a project, please send me a before and after picture!

Homemade Chalky Paint Recipes {Love My DIY Home)

Meanwhile, be amazing!

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I was compensated for this post with a great product from General Finishes. The design, project, and opinions are solely my own – Thank you, GF!

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  1. That looks wonderful! Great work!! I've never heard of general finishes, is that sold in hardware stores or specialty, or maybe not in my area? It looks like a nice smooth finish. 🙂


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