Got Work To Do, Got Work To Do…

Years ago my DH and I watched a sit com about two writers.

I have no idea who they were or what the show was called, but there was one funny scene that we never forgot.

The guys (I think they were brothers) were trying to work and had writer’s block. One of the men tapped his head with his notebook and said, “Got work to do, got work to do.” From that moment on whenever we had a long list of stuff to accomplish, we’d say,

“Got work to do, got work to do.”
I know. Cheesy. But it’s our “inside” mantra…kinda like an inside joke, but not.

So, when I wanted to redo our office and put up a bulletin board in front of his desk, I decided to “decorate” it. Not  girly decorating-ish, but MANLY!

I rifled through my scrapbook stickers and found some stick on letters – check it out…

Got Work to Do - Bulletin Board upcycle

Wait, it gets better.
I grabbed my trusty Satin Dark Walnut Rust-Oleum Painters Touch 2X Spraypaint, of course, and painted over the board and words…

Got Work to Do - Bulletin Board upcycle

…then peeled off the stuck on letters.

 I was a tad concerned that the letters wouldn’t be stuck on good enough, even though we both had pressed them down several times just to make sure. I was relieved to find out they had worked well enough to keep the spray paint from seeping in and messing up my wording.

There was a little bit of over spray (or should I say “under spray”), but that just added character…right?

Got Work to Do - Bulletin Board upcycle

Got Work to Do - Bulletin Board upcycle

Got Work to Do - Bulletin Board upcycle

I roughed it up a bit with a sanding sponge and, voilá! I’ve got myself (well, OK, he’s got himself) a nifty little bulletin board for his work area.

Got Work to Do - Bulletin Board upcycle

Of course it will be covered with all his mess, I mean, paperwork, but who cares?

We will know what it says underneath, “got work to do, GOT WORK TO DO!”

Got Work to Do - Bulletin Board upcycle
Got Work to Do - Bulletin Board upcycle

Or translated, “My wife loves me, My wife loves me!”


Got Work to Do - Bulletin Board

I’ve been working on our office for more than a year, and baby, it’s a lookin’ good. When we bought the house a year ago that room had oooglee half-done green striped walls and a popcorn ceiling. It doesn’t look like that any more!

Hopefully I’ll have the reveal soon. Got ‘ny good ideas you wanna share?

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12 thoughts on “Got Work To Do, Got Work To Do…”

    • Yeah, Donella, I think the boring brown bulletin boards are very sad looking. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how easy it was to change all that.


  1. Your (his) bulletin board turned out great! I love the idea of bulletin boards, but they are just so tacky-plain. I may give this idea a go in my boys' room – and maybe even a frilly version for my daughter. The artwork abounds around here with my younger set. Thanks for sharing such a great – and easy – project! 🙂 

    • Thanks, Karen. I’d like to see your bulletin boards for your son and daughter when you get them finished. It’s super easy!

    • Thanks, Joy. Love Love Love the barn photo on your blog! There’s something about old barns! I’m a photograher too and enjoy photos that set a mood.

  2. Wow!  I just bought 2 old corkboards today at a church rummage sale!  I was planning on recovering them with fabric BUT I like this idea!!  Thanks for sharing at Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday.  Pinning this on the party highlights board!

    • OOOoo, I would love to see them when you are done, Kammy. Send me a picture! Thanks for stopping by. I’m going to check out your site right now.

  3. That's funny because my husband's great aunt's boyfriend would say, "Too much work." in a funny sort of way.  (About cooking for two, etc.)  So we now say it when we don't want to do something. You did a great job on your board!  Thanks for linking up with the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board!


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