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Until now I’ve been limited to local hardware stores and Hobby Lobby.

When you redo a piece of furniture, it’s important to update the hardware as well…if needed. Which IMHO, is likely. Flipped furniture looks so fresh with new hardware. I’m turning into a hardware junky!

BUT, my new found love can get expensive. My faves range from $4 to $20 EACH, so I’m always on the lookout for a better deal with a quality look.

When the Fab Flippin’ Furniture Contest offered to hook me up with England budget garage supplies for some free promo items, I jumped at the chance! My china cabinet turned buffet was needing some new hardware. Not much of a surprise. Most do.

D. Lawless Hardware {Love My DIY Home}

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Why Flip a China Cabinet?

I already own 3 china cabinets:

  • one I bought a long time ago that is in my kitchen area
  • one I inherited from my mom that is down in our lower level apartment with one of my Mom’s 5 sets of china
  • one I have up in my guest room that I bought last year at a consignment shop that holds my rare books

Here is the deal – nobody buys china cabinets any more (other than me) because no one buys china. Generations X, Y, and Z are not interested in G’ma’s china. China is out. Fast restaurants like Pizza Ranch and Milwaukee Burger are in. So what does one do with china cabinets that belonged to our relatives who have passed or we see on Craig’s List from others who don’t know what to do with Grandma’s old outdated furniture?

They go for cheap at estate auctions – so here is a great opportunity.

The buffet came to me from an estate auction as a china cabinet, which I split in two and turned the bottom part into a buffet. The picture below is the china cabinet at the estate sale just before we loaded it up.

D. Lawless Hardware for a Flipped Buffet {Love My DIy Home}

The top part? You’ll just have to wait to see that – I’m pretty sure you’ll be amazed. DH did himself proud on the repair and redesign of that piece. Proud, I tell you, P.R.O.U.D.

The cabinet had the typical shiny brass colonial hardware, which isn’t my fave.

D. Lawless Hardware for a China Cabinet Turned Buffet {Love My DIy Home}

I originally went to Hobby Lobby to get new pulls but I wasn’t too happy with what I brought home. They had few 3″ on center pulls in the finish I needed to match the original hinges I kept.

D. Lawless Hardware for a China Cabinet Turned Buffet {Love My DIy Home}

Enter D. Lawless Hardware to the rescue.

D. Lawless Hardware for a China Cabinet Turned Buffet {Love My DIy Home}

The timing of the offer came in the middle of my redo. It’s all in the timing! Since the original door brackets were fab and of an antiquey sort, I looked for something to pair with that to keep with the original look, but not brass. I don’t do brass.

So I chose Palermo Pulls in Venetian Bronze (The Palermo Pull is at a special price, so if you’re interested you need to move on it.) to replace the original pulls on the drawers.

D. Lawless Hardware {Love My DIY Home}

D. Lawless Hardware for a China Cabinet Turned Buffet {Love My DIy Home}

Details Matter

You can have the most creative and flawless paint job on a piece of furniture, but the hardware is the thing that completes it. Crappy hardware, crappy look. It’s that simple.

Be sure to match the hardware with the look you are trying to achieve. Which would you use? The cheap colonial brass… or this:

D. Lawless Hardware for a China Cabinet Turned Buffet {Love My DIy Home}

A Huge Change

This buffet took several weeks to redo, partly because it needed a bit of repair. The prepping (pre-paint) included fixing dings and scratches, sanding, removing glued-in felt and cleaning. Then came painting, more sanding, glazing, stenciling, more sanding yet, and drawer liners and then a protective top coat (and yes, you guessed it, more sanding) and then the hardware.

Once the finish was set, it was time to add the finishing touches. In this case, the hardware. I may have or may ot have done the happy dance. I didn’t inherit the dance gene. “Nuff said.

D. Lawless Hardware for a China Cabinet Turned Buffet {Love My DIy Home}

D. Lawless Hardware for a China Cabinet Turned Buffet {Love My DIy Home}

I’ll give you a more detailed tutorial on the buffet later.

But for now, go take a look at D. Lawless Hardware’s products. They carry some unique hardware you won’t find anywhere else. When you create your masterpiece, be sure to finish it off with quality details.

D. Lawless Hardware for a China Cabinet Turned Buffet {Love My DIy Home}

D. Lawless Hardware for a China Cabinet Turned Buffet {Love My DIy Home}

NOTE: Some or all of the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contestants and hosts receive monetary and/or product compensation from the sponsoring brand, D. Lawless Hardware, in order to complete their themed projects. D. Lawless Hardware will also provide the prize package for the contest winner.

If you are interested in using chalk paint on your next project, download my PDF and then make it yourself and save money at the same time: 4 Homemade Chalky Paint Recipes – compared and described with instructions.

Until then, be amazing.

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7 thoughts on “A GREAT Hardware Option for DIY’ers – D. Lawless Hardware”

  1. I registered for some beautiful China when I got engaged about 15 years ago.  I really regret that decision.  I've hardly used the said China, although it is quite beautiful.  I wished we had registered for more practical things that we could use on a daily basis.  So yes, generation Xers are not much into China!

    Using quality materials really makes all the difference in a furniture makeover.  Those drawer pulls and knobs are so pretty and add just the right amount of character!  I have a nice buffet in my kitchen that could use a new look–now you've inspired me to get going on that project!

    • I have my china and my mom’s. I never use them either. But they are displayed as a memory. It’s sad how many sets of china just sit. But at least we can convert the cabinets to something useful and stylish.


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