Lettuce Flower Arrangement – Use What You Have

The Most Unexpected Flower Arranging Item

I grew zinnias and asters and brought them inside with my hydrangias. I planted a bunch of other stuff out in my garden.

One of the things that I regrow is lettuce and celery from store bought. The lettuce will regrow once, typically, and the celery will keep growing even when you cut it. I’ve been experimenting.

Crazy Lettuce

I bought lettuce from Aldis and replanted it once it started regrowing (read details here). Once it was out on my deck and I cut what I wanted, I just let it grow to see what would happen. It kinda went crazy and it grew funny spirals out the top.

Lettuce Flower Arranging {Love My DIY Home}

Cut Here

When I cut my flowers to bring inside I just happened to look out and see what had become of that lettuce that was going wild. I went out and cut the spirals just above where the lettuce leaves were growing somewhat normally. Sort of…

Lettuce Flower Arranging {Love My DIY Home}


The tendrils make great additions to a flower arrangement.
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Lettuce Flower Arranging {Love My DIY Home}

Super Simple

Just grab your flowers, add them to a vase and stick this group of tendrils in the middle to add some pizazz. FREE pizazz. I like free. Free is good.<

Lettuce Flower Arranging {Love My DIY Home}

Skinny Little Flowers

are very lonely in a vase by themselves, that’s why people add baby’s breath and the like to dress them up. These flowers would look silly without the added greenery. This way you can grow your own and have professional looking arrangements without having to run to a florist.

Look around you and be aware of what you already have and what you can use to beautiful your home. Anybody can go to a florist and buy a $45 arrangement and put it on their table. But it takes someone special to make one themselves for pennies on the dollar.

YOU are that special.

Do you do things like this? What was your most recent hack?

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1 thought on “Lettuce Flower Arrangement – Use What You Have”

  1. You are right–free IS good!  I never would have thought part of that cute flower arrangement came from lettuce!  I may have to try re-growing some from my store bought lettuce! 

    I love the idea of re-using and re-purposing what you already have.  Doing so opens up my eyes to how much I have and makes me thankful.  As much as I sometimes wish I had more, I really do have SO much to be thankful for.  Being thankful always beats being greedy 🙂


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