Hannah, a Parlor Table Beauty, Lives to Serve Again


I'd Never Noticed Parlor Tables Before

It's a funny thing. You buy a white car and all of a sudden you notice every white car on the road. That's what has happened to me. I saw a really cool table at an estate auction a while ago and won the bid. After I refinished it, all of a sudden I saw parlor tables everywhere - antique stores, estate sales, online...

Today I introduce you to Hannah, named after the man who owned the store that made her - Hannah's Furniture in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She had a tag on her underside:

Hannah Parlor Table {Love My DIY Home}


Hannah Parlor Table {Love My DIY Home}

She was quite beat up with gouges on her table top.
We decided to pretty her up with Pure & Original Classico in Black Hills (a deep green) and add a bit of glitz with Champagne Metallic accents.


Hannah Parlor Table {Love My DIY Home}

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Detailer's Sponge




STEP #1 - Prep by cleaning, sanding and filling in holes, gouges and scratches.

STEP #2 - Prime. I sprayed Zinsser 123 tinted in gray with my HomeRight Finish Max.

Hannah Parlor Table {Love My DIY Home}
STEP #3 - Paint with Pure & Original Classico in Black Hills (it's a very dark green). The coverage of this paint is amazing. Love, love, love this paint.

STEP #4 - Dry brush the details on the legs and apron with metallic paint.

Hannah Parlor Table {Love My DIY Home}
Hannah Parlor Table {Love My DIY Home}

STEP #5 - Stencil a Moroccan Tile design on the top with Rustoleum's Champagne metallic paint.

Hannah Parlor Table {Love My DIY Home}
Hannah Parlor Table {Love My DIY Home}

STEP #6 - Protect with (afflinks) Modern Masters Dead Flat varnish. I used a detailer's sponge to apply - so easy!

Hannah Parlor Table {Love My DIY Home}
We found this table at a consignment shop that we like to visit every few months.

Find yourself some hot spots if you like to DIY and/or flip furniture.
  • Find your local estate sales companies and sign up to get notifications via email or FB whenever they have a sale.
  • Find a couple of good consignment shops that you can frequent. We have one that is about 30 minutes away and the other is in a touristy area a few hours away that we go to once a year and usually come home with half a dozen pieces.
It takes a little time, but soon you get a feel for the business of DIY. You learn as you go along. Read. Learn. Do.

Hannah Parlor Table {Love My DIY Home}
Do you flip for furniture? I do! Here is my first parlor table - I called her "Sophia". I have another waiting in the wings to be revived.

Do you want to learn how to redesign furniture? Check into my Furniture Flipping Blueprint.

Furniture Flipping Forum on Facebook – We are 38,000+ members strong from over 100 countries. Come join us!
Until next time...

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6 thoughts on “Hannah, a Parlor Table Beauty, Lives to Serve Again”

  1. Hi Val. I found you when looking for Hannah’s Furniture. I have a half circle side table that was my grandmother’s when I was a kid in the 50s and 60s. I rescued it from my sister who did not take care of it. When I saw it left out on her porch, I said “I’m taking this”. Lol.. I wanted to find out how old it is. Do you know of anyone who could help me get that information?
    I LOVE what you did with yours.
    Thanks for any information.

  2. Great post! I’m actually the great great granddaughter of FC Hannahs. The last name is pronounced “Hannahs” (Han – nas) and not Hannah’s. I love the Moroccan stencil you did to the top. Have a great day.

  3. I have one of these tables & fortunately it’s not as nice as other antiques, but people junking them up with bad pain jobs don’t deserve to have anything nice – EVER!


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