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DIY isn't so hard – let me prove it to you…

  • Side TableWhat do you do when your DH ruins your side table because he didn't use a coaster?
  • Tissue Box – If Thomas Jefferson used a Kleenex box, this is what it would have looked like.
  • Mason Jar ShelfI bought this by accident. I thought it was small enough to hold nail polish. That's what I get for bidding on an item I've only seen across the room. It's one of my favorite pieces of decor now.
  • Dresser Turned TV Stand – We found an old ratty broken up dresser sitting in the rain on the side of the road…
  • Wire Tool Hanger – Take out the glass and add fencing.
  • Chunky Photo Frame – Paint it, glue it, and turn two frames into one.
  • Old Brass Decor – Old and out-of-date doesn't mean you should throw it away.
  • How to Upcycle an Antique Door – Part 1 & Part 2 – Old door? No problem. Make it into a trendy hall tree complete with mirror and hooks!
Now it's your turn to be amazing.

Val @ Love My DIY HomeYou Got This! {Love My DIY Home}


Val Frania {Love My DIY Home}

Val Frania – Author of Love My DIY Home, a community for DIY'ers who want to do it ALL… cheaply, uniquely and better than the so called "professionals". Be sure to read Raising Real Kids, the first in a series about maintaining your sanity by parenting creatively. Email me @ YOU GOT THIS!
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