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Next Level Flipping in the Retique It Pro Network

Nearly two years ago I noticed someone named Michele Corwin on Furniture Flipping Forum suggesting the product Retique It to some of the members in comments. I was curious and messaged her, asking what the product was and if she was the company owner.

She was, and that began a friendship that has led to not only my enjoying her products, but actually promoting them. I don't promote products unless I have used them and think they would be good for my members.

I now consider Michele a friend and want to introduce you to some opportunities that she has for you to grow your business by adding more revenue. Try her products and then consider how they can play a part in growing your business. It's always a good thing to look into ways to add revenue to your business.

The video below will show you one of her products that has been a great addition to many furniture flipper's toolboxes. The video is from my course, Redesigning Ruby. I show you how to use Retique It, how to create different looks, and how to stain it.

The little table that is in the video, Ruby, sold for $125. The new owner loved the design.


Redesigning Ruby - With Retique It

Below are some opportunities for added revenue with Michele Corwin's Next Level Flipping programs. Feel free to message me if you have questions: Val@ValFrania.com

Retique It Professionals

Become a Retique It PRO and receive the following:

  • Access to Exterior Liquid Wood (coming soon: all-in-one water-based, low VOC)
  • 20% off Retail Pricing
  • 30% off 5 Gallon Pails of Retique It Liquid Wood
  • In Network Referrals
  • Listing on the Retique It Locator Map

This program is free to join if you meet these qualifications:

  • You need to have been a contractor/flipper for at least a year
  • Be willing to try Retique it liquid wood and implement it into your business

Retique It Franchise

Own an Online Retique It/Renaissance Franchise

  • Receive a "Done for You" Professionally designed Website
  • Retique It/Renaissance Will Drop Ship the Products You Sell Online

Who be considered for a Retique It franchise?

  • Possess a passion to grow online with an already established online presence: business page, Facebook, IG, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.
  • Currently have a large social media following and/or unique business skills
  • Be willing to create videos, have big dreams and be committed to pursuing success.

NOTE: Message me on FB HERE or email me at Val@ValFrania.com first, and we'll find a time to chat about this opportunity before you apply.

Become a Retique It Retailer

Ready to diversify and add to your income sources? The most successful entrepreneurs look for ways to increase their revenue in their niche.

Retique It is becoming a standard tool in our toolbox and you can make it available to those you connect with either online, your brick and mortar store or in your booth.

Just click the button below to find out more:

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