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Since I mentor furniture flippers, accumulating staging props to use in photos for listings can be a big issue. So I like to help with every area of the flipping process to help members save money and increase profits.

We can make our own decor and save $ - our bottom line isn't only affected by the profit we make on a piece of furniture, but also on our expenses. So, the more staging decor we acquire easily and cheaply, the better.



THE ESCAPE ROOM - DIY Staging Decor is open and ready for you. You can click the  name and it will take you there so you can sign up and reserve your spot. It's going to be fun! I'm busily working on projects to share with you.

It starts September 28, but you can join in on the conversations now, introduce yourself, and get to know those already there. many of my Blueprint members are there too, to help with tips and join in on the making of decor.



I'm leaving one of the very short slideshow videos right here that I put together of some glassware - just to give you a taste of what you'll find in our group.

This is only a temporary group, so don't hesitate; come JOIN now. We will have prizes!

Want to see more? Come join THE ESCAPE ROOM - DIY Staging Decor. It's FREE!

See you there,

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