Greetings my Young Living peeps and other glass bottle throw-awayers...

What do we do with all the glass bottles we use every day?

Do you throw them away or recycle?

The Ningxia Red bottles from Young Living are such nice bottles - heavy and nicely shaped.

Ningxia Red Upcycle {Love My DIY Home}

There are so many products that come in pretty bottles.

Here is an upcycle glass jar/bottle project for you.


Chalkboard spray paint (my preferred brand)

Decorative rope or twine

Beads or any sort of decorative bauble

Just spray and decorate - do a couple of light coats so you don't get drips.


I sprayed the bottle with chalkboard spray paint.

And then wrapped around the neck with decorative baker's string.

Chalkboard Painted Bottle {Love My DIY Home}
Chalkboard Painted Bottle {Love My DIY Home}
Chalkboard Painted Bottle {Love My DIY Home}
Chalkboard Painted Bottle {Love My DIY Home}
Chalkboard Painted Bottle {Love My DIY Home}

I wrapped it around the bottle neck and threaded beads and a leaf from my jewelry making supplies.

The options are unlimited - just play with your design until you are satisfied.

Easy and/or inexpensive projects ≠ cheap and tacky. This was easy and a really good way to upcycle, not to mention very chic.

The next bottle will be turned into as super fancy candle holder. I have a bunch of these bottles, so if you have some suggestions as to how to decorate, let me know and I just may give it a try!


Chalkboard Painted Bottle {Love My DIY Home}


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7 thoughts on “Ningxia Red Bottle Upcycle”

    • Thanks, Deb. Next is a candle holder – I’d like to do a vase like another reader suggested. I’ve not cut glass before, but have thought I’d like to give it a try.

  1. No matter what I paint the bottles with, the label always shows through.  How did manage to cover the label? or did you remove it? 

    • I used chalkboard spray paint and had no problem covering the writing. You could use a spray primer first and then paint. I use Zinnser spray primer when I am concerned about a bleed through.


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