Outdoor Paint Projects Can Be Tricky

Have you ever painted an outdoor project? Did it last?

I've done it a few times and have discovered a great product that has held up well. Every couple of years I reapply the poly to my hand-painted picnic table and have been happy to see that my painted design has held fast and still looks great.

You can find Polytique It Exterior TopCoat @ Furniture Flipping Market.

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TIP 21

I would have never occurred to me that I would have to seal every inch if I'd not been told to do so by the manufacturer. It was kind of like a "duh" moment when I heard the tip. Of course I should seal it all...I just hadn't thought of it. Get art from Mystik River and decorate your area.

Fortunately I did and it's preserved my artwork for years. Whew. Tips matter.

A Picnic Table Flips! {Love My DIY Home}

To duplicate the picnic table look above:


Step 1 - Clean well and sand it down so it's smooth.

Step 2 - Paint a base coat.

Step 3 - Stencil various designs.

Step 4 - Sand just a bit to distress if you want an antique/worn look.

Step 5 - Brush on three coats of Polytique It Exterior Topcoat on top, the sides and bottom to completely protect the entire piece from the weather.

Step 6 - Re-apply the exterior topcoat every two years.

Thanks for visiting - I try to come up with good information to help you on your creative journey. Experience is the best teacher, but who wants to wait four - ten years to know the best methods and techniques?

I did, but you don't have to because I'm here for you!

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