Product TIPs for the Furniture Flipper and Decor Creator!

I've been working on recording tips for those of you who want to grow your skills in redesign and marketing. You can find all of them here: 100 Random Furniture Flipping Tips Video Series >>>

I have Tips #83, 84, 93, 94,96, 99 & 100 for you today - Products That Make Your Life Easier!

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But for now, come view a compilation of some products you can find on Amazon (afflinks below the video) that may just lighten your load a little and make room to enjoy your creativity more.

NOTE: Be sure to check around for better quality or priced products - the ones I listed in the video are not necessarily recommended by me; they are just shown as examples. Some of these products we got at our local box store, others we found on Amazon.


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