Deck Railing to Ladder Upcycle 2015 {Love My DIY Home}

Deck Railing into Fall Porch Ladder Upcycle

I’ve got a quick how-to for you because many have asked about the ladder I have on my porch. It’s rather simple, mind you. Like 15 minute simple. Deck Railing into Fall Porch Ladder Upcycle While at my DD and SIL’s home renovation they ripped off their deck-ish type of backyard railing. Here it is in the raw, Isaac and Dad taking it off their back porch: Rather than toss it, I grabbed it for a future project. This is my DH – and if you can read his mind, he’s thinking… “Here she goes again, getting me to haul off more crap for some future project.” One can of Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint, Satin Espresso, a scraper, a rock, a Sanding Sponge (Fine grit), and voila, you have a cool ladder for the porch. I used a rock to distress the piece – I’ll show you that in … Read more

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From Trash to Treasure – DIY Hurricane Lamp Candle Holder

There isn’t always paint involved, or sanding or even glue in every DIY project. A friend was dumping a bunch of old deco at Goodwill and offered to let me look through her box. Woohoo! A DIY’ers hayday! I’m working on four projects today, this one was a 30 second redo… No paint. No glue. No sanding. Nada. Here is a hurricane I picked out of her box. I thought it had potential. But I had no idea what that was when I took it. It was a very nice piece, but the bottom wasn’t solid or large enough to stand on its own. This morning when I was putting away some of my decor I had sitting in a pile (we’re working on our guest master bedroom), I got the idea to pair this up with a wooden candle holder I paid about a buck and a half for … Read more

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