Typesetter’s Drawer Upcycle – Essential Oils Decorative Rack

We found this typesetter’s drawer for just a few dollars about 6 years ago and just never did anything with it…until last week. I have a challenge in my Blueprint member’s group that consists of 3 things: Clean up/organize your workshop. Make your workshop pretty. Do something special for yourself. I’m joining my members in the challenge and I’m: Cleaning up my office (workshop already done) Making my office pretty Cleaned up the typesetter’s drawer, stained and mounted it on the wall  of my master bedroom hallway.   Here is the “BEFORE” of the typesetter drawer: We decided to take it to the car wash and spray it down – normally you have to be very careful when getting water on old wood because it could warp. But I decided it was worth the risk since it looked like the back had already been exposed to moisture (rippled). Besides, I … Read more

Wool Dryer Balls {Love My DIY Home}

Essential Oils in the Dryer? Yes, Please. (And a Giveaway!)

#sponsored post We’re always looking for new ways to use essential oils. Last year I bought these nifty wool dryer balls for some of my kids but for some reason I didn’t end up with any. So when I got the chance to try these out, I jumped! They came in the mail a couple of days ago from Got Oil Supplies and I’ve been busy trying them out on all different types of laundry. First, my pillows. I have some very nice pillows – we discovered them while on a trip back to Michigan while staying in a hotel. They were so comfy we ordered some for ourselves even though they were very expensive! I was a little leary about washing them because pillows often end up thrown away after washing them, but since these dryer balls got such great reviews both online and in our family, I trusted … Read more

Young Living Essential Oils

Essential Oils – Amazing Theraputic Value!

  Essential Oils ESSENTIAL OILS!!! This has been a very exciting month for us. We invested (don't ya love it when people say "invested"?) in the Premium Starter Kit for the  Young LIving Essential Oils.   I say "invested" because at first glance, the cost of $150 is enough to warrant the word "invested". It strikes fear in the pocketbook of misers like me. If you know me well it's like trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip to get a buck out of me.   But $150??? No way.   Well, after I read about the benefits of Essential Oils and saw how they worked on some of my kids and grandkids I became a believer!   So my "No way," turned into a "I gotta get me some of them thar oils!"   I kid you not, I paid the $150 + shipping/handling and got the kit.  … Read more

Young Living Lavender essential oil

DIY Cures? Is it Possible to Live Without Traditional Medical Assistance?

We’ve not had medical coverage for about 7 years. So when I read about alternative methods in strengthening our immune system and well-being like essential oils, I wondered. I also wonder if we have become so dependent on doctors that we forget to look for ways to heal ourselves naturally. Here is my disclaimer – I’m not a medical doctor and I’ve not been to medical school. If you have medical issues, be sure to consult a doctor. 🙂 Is it possible? If this new healthcare dealy actually happens (or “doesn’t work” is more like it) and we find ourselves without doctors, meds, and/or hospitals, what would we do? I think it’s time we explore our options. Ever thought about using Essential Oils? I know, I know. Just another gimmick to have those little girly parties and make money while chatting with friends. Well, I can’t personally guarantee essential oils … Read more

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