Side Table Flip {Love My DIY Home}

Cheapo Side Table Flip – February Fab Furniture Flippin Contest

Do you plan to or did you get rid of all your old cheapo furniture and buy new? I don’t…I flip them. Today’s project is one of those put together side cabinets that typically you would give away to Good Will and buy something much better when you could afford it. But for me, it’s not about the money. It’s about achieving a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture art. This month’s challenge from the Fab Furniture Flippin Contest asked for a piece that goes from drab to fab by painting it with Deco Art Chalky Finish  paint. The contest theme is “Make a Statement”. I’ve used Deco Art Chalky Paint before on other projects, so I knew the paint would be easy to use and would turn out great. After this boring, ugly piece, it’s not really hard to “make a statement” with paint – anything is better than how it … Read more

November Furniture Flippin Contest {Love My DIY Home}

November’s Fab Furniture Flippin Contest – Take a Seat!

Once again I have entered a furniture flippin contest. November’s Fab Furniture Flippin Contest challenge is called “Take A Seat” sponsored by Minted. Each contestant was given free fabric from Minted to complete the project. Minted fabrics are designed by independent artists who design a pattern and then enter it into Minted’s ongoing design competitions. Designers submit, and the Minted community votes to tell them what to bring to market. You can check it all out here if you’re an artist or would like to vote. I chose the fabric Herringbone Incomplete by Lehan Veenker for the chair and pillow and Arrowhead by Paper Dahlia for the accessories. I wanted to put together a color scheme that would go with the desk I already had in my guest room. The desk was my submission in the September Fab Furniture Flippin Contest. The fabric is of excellent quality, perfect for upholstering … Read more

Desk Flip – September FFFC Geometric Design Contest

The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest challenges DIY bloggers to create a great piece of furniture following certain guidelines. #sponsored This contest is sponsored by General Finishes who donated a blogger’s choice product to finish the piece. The theme was “geometric design.” GEOMETRIC?!?! How do you incorporate geometric design on a piece of furniture, and in my case, a desk? Why, with Mod Podge, of course! Let’s start with a “before” picture. Brace yourself, it’s pretty sad… My DH and I found it alongside the road. It looked like a kid’s painting project gone bad but…it was sturdy and in decent shape. I picture a high school student sitting at this desk working through her (had to be a “her” with all the pink and purple paint) geometry homework. It is obvious she tried to create a stylish, fun desk to use but she missed the mark…just a bit. As you … Read more

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