10 DIY Projects to Upcycle Old Picture Frames + A FREE Printable!

We downsized recently and have 4 boxes of old picture frames filled with my kid’s pictures. I don’t have much wall space in this new house, so I needed to figure out what to do with all the frames. Boxes and boxes of frames… Not only am I a Mom of Many; I am also a photographer. 15 8×10 frames of school pictures on one wall from my old house… various framed candids, family pictures, sports pictures, baby pictures etc. all over the other walls. That’s a lot of frames! After a bit of research online I have come up with some fab ideas to share with you. Actually I did this for me, but you are free to join the party. I encourage you to click on each original source to see the ones with tutorials and if you pin any projects, please do it from the original source … Read more

DIY Chunky Photo Frame – Re-purpose Old Picture Frames Part 3

I have picture frames up the wazoo! Seriously, I must have more than three or four dozen wood frames packed in boxes… In the garage, In the basement, In my craft closet, In my blanket chest… Nope. There aren’t any blankets in it. Just picture frames. Some day I will paint that blanket chest with chalk paint and actually use it for blankets. When you raise 15 kids like we did and tote a camera around with you 24/7, your house easily turns into a virtual scrapbook. Now we are empty nesters (yay for us!) and have downsized. So I have to justify keeping all my frames and not just “Give them all away to Goodwill to be rid of them.” (That solution was courtesy of my DH.) I’ve been on a mission to justify my frame hoarding and have come up with some re-purposing DIY projects. I’m in process … Read more

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