Are you tired of expensive planting supplies?

Here are two DIY planters you can make with trash.

Yep, that’s right.


Free, easy, and green – literally.

DIY Pop Bottle Planter | Love My DIY Home


Pop bottle planter | Love My DIY Home

Cut the bottle in half.

Pop bottle planter | Love My DIY Home

 Remove the cap. Flip the top half and stuff it into the bottom half.

Pop bottle planter | Love My DIY Home

Grab a coffee filter and place it in the top half.

Pop bottle planter | Love My DIY Home

Fill it with potting soil.

Pop bottle planter | Love My DIY Home

Plant a seed and watch it grow!

Pop bottle planter | Love My DIY Home

See how the water drains into the bottom but no dirt falls through? Genius!

You can cut off the bottom of another pop bottle and place it on top to create a green house affect.

Pop Bottle Greenhouse | Love My DIY Home

We did this back in May when we started our seeds.

Here’s the little seedling I transplanted into the pop bottle planter. I used t’paper rolls for my first DIY planter.

T'paper roll planter | Love My DIY Home

Yep. I said t’paper rolls.

First, collect t’paper rolls for a few months.

Pop them into a large planter and fill with dirt.

Plant your seeds and watch them grow.

T'paper roll planter | Love My DIY Home

When they are ready to be transplanted, just take the little seedling, soil and t’paper roll and pop it into the ground. The roots will grow right through the roll because it’s biodegradable.

The watering will weaken the roll, especially the thinner brands, so be sure to put them together with others into a pot or some sort of plastic box to support them while they grow and are being watered until you are ready to transplant them.

I live in Wisconsin, so this is the first week we could transplant our seedlings into our garden.

But more on that later since

Transplanting day is today. Woohoo!

We planted the corn yesterday. Oh those pesky mosquitoes tried to eat us up! We’re looking into making our own bug spray out of our Young Living Essential Oils. I’ll let you know when we do and share the recipe.

Be sure to check back. I will have lots of outdoor DIY projects to show you over the next few weeks.

Have you put in your garden yet?

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5 thoughts on “Are you tired of expensive planting supplies?”

  1. Great ideas!  I like to use K-Cups to start seeds in, but not everyone has those.  Your ideas are great for recycling.

    Yes, I have put in my garden.  Two raised beds and they aren't very big, so not much can go into them, but we will enjoy the produce none the less.

    • Thanks, Vee. I’ve heard about using K-Cups too. I started my seeds back in April, so they would have outgrown the K-Cups a long time ago! As it is, my little seedlings were bursting at the seems by the time I got them in my garden this week. Living in Wisconsin has been interesting, being new gardeners.

  2. This is a great idea, Val!  We can't do any planting until late May where I live and without having a greenhouse, this would be a great idea to start plants indoors in my basement windows starting in April.  Pinning to share and refer back to.


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