Use What You Already Have to DIY Decorate – Antique Wooden Box

I just had to share this with you!

I was taking drawers out of a dresser in our garage that we decided to put up in our closet…

then I saw this box.

Umm, hello! This box is a treasure!

You never know where you're going to find something you can repurpose in your home.

Now all I have to do is convince my DH to let me have it…

I could use it for photo shoots – can you see a toddler sitting in it with overhauls on?

Or I could use it as a table or a bookshelf…

Maybe I will sell it – here are some similar ones on ebay. What to do, what to do?

Tomorrow I'm going to show you a clearanced lantern from Kohls that I painted and will use for a fall/Christmas accent.

Have a great day and please leave a comment on what you think I should do with this box!

Got any ideas folks?

4 thoughts on “Use What You Already Have to DIY Decorate – Antique Wooden Box”

  1. You could clean it up and use it as a decorative towel holder in the bathroom, if you have the space.  Just roll your towels and stick them in the box and/or use it for tissue paper storage or something.  My bathroom is extremely small and I have a pretty wicker basket that I put the tissue paper in since I have no cupboards or containers and no linen closet.  

  2. @ Gerrie  Displaying stuff we normally put in closets is definitely popular these days. I really like the look of using boxes like these.  My bathrooms are all small too. Maybe I can use it in the kitchen for storage AND a perch for my plant.


  3. LOVE that box.  No, don't sell it.  Work it into an arrangement in a corner on the floor.  Use some of your floral arranging skills and make something with the colors of the season, put in some things from nature or made with natural elements (wicker balls come to mind), something rusted sitting beside it, and something a bit taller than it is that is antique also.  Build it a nest  and showcase it.  If it's too deep for some of your stuff, add something in the bottom like a stack of books and throw a cloth over them as a disguise.
    For Christmas, put fake wrapped gifts in it and some oversized candy canes hanging over the side, if you have an electrical outlet close, you could even put a short string of lights in it and around the top.  Put in pinecones… nice branches with cool looking bark on it, have them sticking out and leaning over in a corner at the back.  You could tie them with twine.  You could have ice skates with the wood… I could go on and on.  Sorry to be so long winded.

    • Oh no, I would never sell it, Vee. I was flabergasted when I saw it in the garage. My husband said I could have it – didn’t even think about it! Your ideas are good. I’m definitely going to decorate it for Christmas. Your ideas are good ones. Thanks.


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