[VIDEO] Creating Appliques Using Paper Clay


It can be pretty pricey to buy ready made appliques, so this is a good solution for anyone wishing to add a little pizazz to decor or furniture. It's easy and actually a fun thing to do once you get a handle on the particulars. This video shows you how to use paper clay to make appliques fairly inexpensively.



It certainly doesn't hurt that this product and process is pretty easy too. I like easy.

At the time I made this video I only used (afflink) paper clay, but since then I've learned about and also use hot glue and another medium similar to paper clay, Form Flex. These two are flexible after they dry unlike Paper Clay which is not. I share the other methods in the Blueprint - be sure to subscribe to the DROPCLOTH so you'll be notified when it opens to the public for the next enrollment opening. You'll get a free gift as well and tips every Friday if you subscribe.

Which medium you use just depends on what you are looking for. Each has its uses.



I used an IOD mould - they are flexible and sturdy: (afflink) IOD Moulds on Amazon

Once your applique dries (I advise you glue it on before it hardens so it forms to your piece), you have a world of options to decorate it. Retique It Liquid Wood and then stain, paint, glaze, dry brushing with paint, metallic wax, etc.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or would like to tell us about your own experience using moulds to make appliques. We have a lot to learn from one another!


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