Fixing a Sloppy Paint Job

Here's a little tip to save you some time and effort.

I bought a dresser from Marketplace and the drawers had some messy painting going on. Drips, over painting, scratches, bristles embedded, etc.

The worst part were the drawer sides. My options for fixing them were: painting them, stenciling over the mess, or sanding it off. I didn't like any of those options. I thought on it a while and came up with a better option.

It was easier than any of the three choices I originally thought I had and it worked.

Here is the finished project - you can click the pic to go right to the post about this project:

This is an example of the super short videos I create for my Blueprint members. I'll be sharing some of them with those who wish to see the nicky picky details that most experienced furniture flippers have known for years but forget to share. For this reason, I'm starting a new group on Facebook - specifically for those who would like to learn the very basics - it will be called Furniture Flipping Basics.

Once you learn the basics, you'll want to join the Blueprint for a more in depth look at becoming a pro furniture artist. But for now...

Come join us in the new group when it opens and you'll get the basics through conversations, short videos and tips.


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<<< There is a lot to learn about furniture redesign and a good way to start is to experiment. Rather than being boxed using only the colors provided in your favorite paint brand, play with tints to get new and fun colors to bring a bit of diversity to your color choices. Let's be creative! Let's be brave! Let's show the world we are artists!

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  1. Val! I loved the top, it looked like bleached wood! I was not fond of the tool as used with darker stain but this completely changed my mind!


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