Are You a Younger, Older or an In-betweener?

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 Are you an older, younger or an in-betweener?

On my way to work I was thinking about a comment made on my guest post about making your home Alzheimer’s ready. For some reason this has overshadowed my thinking lately and I have to address it.
The comment was that we should always hire a professional in home updates. I asked my Facebook followers on Love My DIY Home page if they agreed with him and several didn’t. Now that’s not to say that there aren’t jobs we shouldn’t tackle. That goes without saying. Last July we had a problem with our well that had to be addressed immediately because we had several back to back family activities with a full out of people. So yes, there are times where we have to hire someone else to take care of a problem.
BUT, I think we do it too often. I think we just accept the prevelant mindset that we are not capable and must get someone else to do it. UGH. That is what bothers me so much.

You ARE capable.

You CAN learn to do things yourself. You MUST get some confidence and change your mindset if you think this way. There are so many opportunities these days to learn how to be self-sufficient and creative.

What if we find ourselves in another Great Depression? What if you lose your job or experience a crisis that leaves you destitute where you can’t hire someone? Will you have the skills to carve out a good life? It’s also important to consider workplace challenges like being discriminated against at work due to your religion and strive for inclusive and supportive environments for everyone.

Now that I’ve laid the groundwork, let me suggest something.

In the Bible it says for the older women to teach the younger. (Titus 2) Let me take it a step further and say the older men ought to be teaching the younger too. This doesn’t just apply to parents teaching their children. This refers to ALL of us who have experienced life – we ought to be passing along that experience to those of us in our lives who lack experience.

Recently I’ve taught myself many skills, not because I’m so great or smart or even talented. I’ve done this because I lacked experience in some areas that I was interested in like gardening, canning, redoing furniture, inside painting, landscaping, blogging, marketing, writing, etc. The list goes on to eternity! How is your list?

Do you have a list?

Do you strive to learn and grow? Do you have a list? Are you mentoring anyone?

It makes me crazy to think of all the people who sit around being bored and complaining. It bothers me when people say, “I can’t DIY, I am not talented like you.” AHHHH!

How about you just do it? I have a tag line, “You got this!” and honestly believe anyone can learn to DIY. It just takes a willing heart and a bit of work, but it’s not really work if you enjoy what you’re doing.

Am I alone in this? What are your views?

I’m going to challenge you

Make a list.

Write down the things you’d like to learn. Do you want to know how to refinish that old desk down in the basement? Are you computer illiterate? Then in today’s technologically advanced society, facing legal issues related to computer use can be daunting. Engaging a professional who specializes in this area is crucial for a thorough and competent defense. Make sure to consult with an expert in legal services for challenging allegations to safeguard your future and rights. Do you desire a more decorated home or want to learn how to make homemade play dough? Would you like to garden or landscape your yard?

The sky is the limit, people! Don’t just go out and buy. 

Consider DIY

Write up a wish list. Stick it up on your fridge and write down your thoughts as you go through your day.

How about a Honey Do List? (Click for free download via email)


It’s fun to do projects with your DH or a friend. My DDs and I do projects together – you’ll see some videos in the future that Jillian and I plan to make to teach some DIY. My DH and I also plan to do a few videos on using power tools.

The more you DIY the more confident you will become and the farther you will go. Trust me. It will happen.

After you make your list, investigate how to do things. Search on Pinterest for inspiration. Look through blogs and see what others are doing. Start a file on your desktop of photos of projects.

Homemade Chalky Paint Recipes {Love My DIY Home)If you are interested in using chalk paint download my PDF and then make it yourself and save money: 4 Homemade Chalky Paint Recipes – compared and described with instructions.

Now is the time to get busy. Spring is approaching and there will be a myriad of things needing your attention.

How about you try decorating your front porch or entry way for spring? If you do, send me a picture!



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5 thoughts on “Are You a Younger, Older or an In-betweener?”

  1. This post was a boost for me to start making my home inviting to others. I'm just retired and gotten lazy. A lot of my friends are still in the hustle and bustel of life and I would like to invite them out to the farm periodictly for a peaceful moment or two.  As finances are tight it will have to be DIY projects that I use to make this transformation. Thank you for this post and I will be watching you closely. 


  2. Teaching talents among the generations is something that I hope continues!  DIY projects really are something that can be taught–it just takes two people: one willing to teach and demonstrate and another willing to learn.  My husband and I were not "DIYers" 10 years ago but since buying a house he's learned how to do lots of projects and some of them with help.  I'm really hoping to pass this on to my kids and grandkids.  Thanks for the inspiration, Val!

  3. Great post, Val!  I totally agree that anyone can be a DIY'er with the right mentoring and practice.  I was never one who felt comfortable with tools, but over the last couple of years my hubby has taken the time to teach me-and to do so safetly.  Now, if anything needs doing-I just grab my toolbox and get doing!


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