Dresser Turned TV Stand

 It is a new day.

I woke at 4:45 this morning and couldn’t turn my brain off. As always my mom pops in my mind and since the stress of her dire condition is ever present, I couldn’t get back to sleep.

At least it wasn’t like yesterday.

I woke at 2am and didn’t go back to sleep until 6:30 and then it was only for 45 minutes. I had to go to work that morning and by the time I got to the hospital at 2:15 that afternoon, I was dragging. Fortunately they have a nice family lounge and I took a few zzz’s listening to music while Jillian and Taylor continued their vigil. Thank the Lord for power naps and music apps. 

So, I am delivering my Dresser Turned TV Stand I told you about. It seems so nostalgic to me to tell you about this project. Making memories is the beginning of a foundation that you will draw on in difficult times.

Family is so important when you go through a crisis like we are right now. If you are new here, check out my post “The Ultimate DIY – Saying Goodbye to Your Mom” and you will be up to speed.

The saying, “It all begins and ends with family” isn’t just a platitude.
When the Joneses were moving into their new house (I know, I know, we’ve not shown you the after pictures yet), my oldest daughter, April, read online that there was a dresser sitting alongside the road free to anyone who wanted to pick it up. Oh boy, it was in rough shape.

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}

But being the visionaries that we are, we decided to load it into our 15 passenger van that was already packed full of Jones people stuff. We pushed and pulled, shoved and contorted until we got it in. I think we laughed all the way to her new house – we can be totally nuts at times when we take something so bad thinking we can revive it.

Ah. But wait until you see the finished product.

You’re gonna wanna cry.

It was raining, which didn’t help, and a couple of the drawers were so damaged and water soaked that we left them behind. We didn’t need them, and we had no more room in the van anyway.


Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}


Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}

Isn’t it sad looking?

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}

She needed a tv stand since they left the old one behind. This dresser was the right size and FREE.

She sanded it.

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}

She painted it.

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}

He put shelves in it.

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}


All I did was take the final pictures.

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}

Isn’t it amazing?

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}Upcycling & Family memories.

I highly recommend it.

Dresser Turned TV Stand {Love My DIY Home}

Please pray for my mom today as we sit by her side and wait and watch.

Today she moves to the Hospice House.

God is good even in the valleys.

Thanks for visiting! If you’d like to give chalk type paint a try (love it!) download my 4 Homemade Chalky Paint Recipes PDF. I’ll send the PDF to you via email. My fave is the baking soda recipe – it’s easy and cheap!

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  1. This Is such an inspiring transformation! If the previous owners could see it now, they might rethink their decision to consider it trash. Beautiful work, and such a great idea – I love the 2 drawers turned shelves, yet keeping one.

    Continued prayers for your family. 

    • Isn’t it amazing how we are so quick to throw things away. But then many don’t know that it’s fairly easy to redo a piece and find another use for it.

    • I agree. We can create beauty out of the ashes in many ways. Transformations are an amazing thing – very encouraging.

  2. I love seeing these kinds of up updates from dressers to entertainment stands. They make for awesome entertainment centers with very little effort, and they are actually cheaper to make than buying a fancy one from the store. This looks really good. 

    • Thanks, Crystal. I’ve seen lots of dressers transformed all over the internet. It still amazes me each time to see how great they turn out – and they’re one of a kind, which I love.

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  7. This is a great transformation!  Thanks so much for sharing it at Grace at Home.  I'm featuring you this week.

    I'm so sorry about your mom's death.  Heart surgery is hard at any age; she must have been quite a trooper to undergo it at her age.  How proud you must have been that she weathered that storm.  I'm sorry about the stroke.  What a loss you've suffered. Bless you as you grieve.  I know you are grateful for your faith, so that you grieve with hope.  

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  12. Wow, that looks awesome!  I would love to have something like that for my TV too!  The white color looks really nice as well- you can't go wrong with it!  Unfortunately I don't have the skill to do stuff like this.  I'll have to find something like this in a store.

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  17. I saw this on Hometalk and clicked over. My heart sank to see the news about your mom. So sorry. Sending positive energy your way. I am in remission from breast cancer and my family pulling together around me meant more than anything to my healing. Thinking of you and yours today.

  18. Please send me chalk paint recipes.  Thoughts and prayers to you, your mother and family!  God bless you all !

  19. Great transformation! Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could be a little more creative!? Thanks for sharing!


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  21. Wonderful work! Looks like it's new. How durable is chalk paint as compared to acrylic or latex paint? Thanks.

    I did say a prayer for your Mom. 

    • Chalk paint is very durable, especially if you add a topcoat as I do. You will find different levels of durability in the different brands, and your prep also can make a difference. Many use wax as a finish as well, but that has to be reapplied every year. Latex paint is durable. Latex flat, which would look similar to chalk paint doesn’t wash up well as compared to its satin or semi gloss. I like to add a topcoat to everything I paint for durability. They all are just different animals and you choose based on preference.

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