Cleaning Paint Brushes

If you want your painting supplies to last, take good care of them.

I'm super picky about cleaning my tools, especially my brushes. I try to get my paint brushes to as close to new looking as possible by cleaning them until I'm satisfied all of the paint is out.

Here's an extra tip: If you find it has dried before you were able to wash the paint out, soak the brush in hair conditioner or fabric softener for a day or two and you'll be surprised at the results!

In less than 1 minute, I show you in this video the simple process I use to wash out my brushes.

These little tips by experienced furniture flippers can save you $ and much disappointment - go the extra mile to keep your tools in good shape.

How's that for a quick tip. You can find more on my Youtube channel - it's new and I'm adding videos each week. I have a bunch of other spots on the web that will help you along on your creative journey. You can find a list when you visit my main site: or one of my YouTube videos.

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Happy painting!

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