Survival in a Crisis: DIY Pantry Preparedness – Pantry Design

Let’s talk kitchen pantry.

My laptop is in the shop, so please bear with me as I suffer through this next couple of weeks without my MAC.

Oh boy, it sure is a pain to use someone else’s computer, especially if it throws you back into Windows.

I do appreciate my husband lending me his laptop, but oh my, it’s hard to use someone else’s computer, so hard to use a different keyboard, a different operating system and to be without my programs! No InDesign. No Photoshop!

OK, I’ll stop complaining and get down to business.

Just don’t judge me for my crummy photos – no Photoshop, remember?

These days I’m talking about being prepared for a crisis and am focusing on having a good food supply. I have a blogger friend writing a guest post on how to prepare your pantry – how to stock it to be prepared for a food shortage. Until I have that post up and runnng I though it might be good to give you some links to some pantry design ideas.

Two names that seem to float around the blogosphere a lot when it comes to home accessories is IKEA and Pottery Barn.

If you are frugal or short on fun money, Pottery Barn probably isn’t in your vocabulary. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t make an occasional visit to their site for some ideas.

Here is a picture of a pantry package from Pottery Barn – It’s called the Gabrielle Pantry Set.

It’s $689.00 for the whole sha-bang.


If you’re like me, that may as well be a million dollars. No way would I consider spending that on my pantry. Fortunately for us cheap-o’s, ideas are FREE. Take a look and if you like the design, try to duplicate it on your budget.

IKEA has some nifty kitchen storage items that I have found handy, like the rail/rack system.

It’s not too expensive, and is very handy.

I have one in my office…

IKEA rail for office supplies

and one in my kitchen.

I have another set that I will use as soon as I decide where I want to put it.

These would be a great addition to a pantry. IKEA has all sorts of gadgets that work on the rails.

To have a well organized pantry that is eye appealing will encourage us to keep it stocked and well used.

Here is one of my three pantries.

It’s a mess! It was organized and in perfect order at one time.

But, life happened. Does that happen to you?

This is the one I will be working on over the next couple of weeks, making it more organized and accessible. I’d love to take out the bifold door and either leave it open or use a regular door. Have you ever seen the pantry doors that are glass with “PANTRY” etched on it? OOooo, I’d love one of those!

My second pantry has pull out drawers and is part of my kitchen cupboards – it’s to the right of my fridge. That one holds my canned goods, nuts, pasta, etc. – my day to day supply.

 The one pictured above was a broom closet that I put shelves in and is to the left of my fridge. I use it for my baking supplies, dry goods like beans & popcorn, and oils, etc. It also has my tool box, pizza stone, and a bunch of other kitchen essentials.

The third one is down in my basement. That one will be used for the food I plan to stock up on in case of a food shortage.

Here is Liz’s pantry from A Purple Chair that is much like what I’m going for.

I found it on Pinterest.

I also found Hearts, Hand, Home DIY mixes for your pantry. Her pantry is neat and orderly – much like I want for mine, but I’m thinking that glass wouldn’t be a good choice for me. Her post that I’ve linked to is from 2011.

Here is a link to her DIY baking mix.

Amber at Snippets of Design has a nice pantry design.

As you can see she has used the IKEA rails in her pantry.

Now, this is a pantry that I would enjoy having in my kitchen.

Before I get started on my panty, I’d like some more ideas if you have any.

Please share in the comments.

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