A is for Ability – Talent is Overrated

There are many who believe they can't do something because of a lack of talent. But I believe that most things can be learned, even if it doesn't come naturally. "I am not talented enough," usually means, "I don't want to invest the time or effort to learn this." or, "I don't have the confidence to try."

Unfortunately, I think we miss out on a lot due to lack of effort or vision.

Years ago when we attended our daughter's graduation at Crown College, we hear the main speaker say, "Get a vision," while pointing his finger at the audience. We joked about it later because it was his catch phrase, and since he was very old, his finger was very crooked and his voice was very "old."

"Get a vision," has been repeated in our family many times since then in jest, but it really is the truth. We need to get a vision and do what it takes to accomplish great things while her on earth.

Mediocre isn't in my vocabulary. It shouldn't be in yours if you want to leave your mark on this world.

Of course, I'm assuming since you are reading this that it IS your desire to be above average and do great things.

Shadow Stenciling

Here is an example of one simple little technique that you seldom see. As you can see, if you've never done this before or have never thought of it or done it, it doesn't require any special talent, just new information and maybe a little practice.

But really, anyone could do it.

Sometimes we mistake experience, knowledge or experimentation with talent.

Talent is way overrated. Experience, knowledge and experimentation are the building blocks of creativity...and bravery. Yes, can't forget bravery.

Most people stick with the same thing over and over because they are either too afraid to try new things or just don't want the hassle of trying to figure things out.

Don't be that person.

Be an artist.


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