Wicker File Cabinet Re-purposed to a Paint Cart

Here is a quick example of how you can re-purpose those garage sale finds inexpensively and easily. No muss. No fuss.

Just a can of spray paint, black glaze and a sponge paint brush turned this wicker file cabinet into something useful. Wicker isn’t very popular any more and you will find wicker everything out in garage sales for just a dollar or two.

I bought this one at a garage sale for $2 this summer.

Wicker Cart Upcycle {Love My DIY Home}


Spray with Rustoleum Painters Touch spray paint. Pick a color, any color.

Wicker Cart Re-purposed {Love My DIY Home}


Dab, wipe or brush on glaze – all over, including the metal bars.

I used Wise Owl black glaze using a sponge brush. You can use a regular sponge, brush or even a paper towel. Just use what you have on hand. No need to be particular, just have at it! I took about 30 seconds to brush it on.


Wicker Cart Re-purposed {Love My DIY Home}

Wicker Cart Re-purposed {Love My DIY Home}


Spray with clear matte Rustoleum topcoat to give it extra durability. This step isn’t necessary unless you tend to beat up your stuff like I do.


Let it dry and then fill with your paint supplies. Enjoy.

Wicker Cart Re-purposed {Love My DIY Home}

I bought some pot hooks from Amazon to hang brushes on the metal frame that was originally intended to hold hang files. Back when we made our industrial look kitchen pot rack I spent hours online looking for affordable pot hook and came up empty, so I made my own. Imagine my surprise when I ran across these:

Wicker Cart Re-purposed {Love My DIY Home}

Wicker Cart Re-purposed {Love My DIY Home}

A couple of weeks ago we went to a consignment store in Door Country and bought another baker’s rack. The little metal caddy below that is holding my GF Extender and Acriglaze hung on it. It fit this caddy perfectly.

Wicker Cart Re-purposed {Love My DIY Home}

Wicker Cart Re-purposed {Love My DIY Home}

The glass jars you see in the bottom are holding my paint powder that I use to mix up my Old Fashioned Milk Paint. I just save jars and tape on the labels.

Wicker Cart Re-purposed {Love My DIY Home}

Or…I could have just bought a metal caddy from Amazon for $89.91:

Personally, I’d rather buy something destined for the trash, re-purpose it into my own colors and use it knowing I’d DIY’d it myself. What are your druthers?

Another paint option would be to use some homemade chalk type paint and distress it. For this project I went the quick and easy route, but it’s good to experiment and make it your own.

I have FREE PDF of 5 Homemade Chalky Paint Recipes if you’re interested. Click the link or picture below if you’d like it sent to you via email. It will also put you on my mailing list, but feel free to unsubscribe at any time:

Homemade Chalk Type Paint Recipes {Love My DIY Home}

How’s that for a quick project? What easy peasey project have you done lately?

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