Thanksgiving Kid’s Table

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Did you lavishly decorate or keep it simple?
We focused on the kid’s table this year.
Since the kids tend to get a bit impatient with us when we are getting the food on the table, I gave them something to do…

Thanksgiving Kid's Table {Love My DIY Home}

The kid’s Thanksgiving printables are from here at Busy Bee Kid’s Printables.

Thanksgiving Kid's Table {Love My DIY Home}

Thanksgiving Kid's Table {Love My DIY Home}

Thanksgiving Kid's Table {Love My DIY Home}

Their appetizers (apples, peanuts, pretzels, carrots, string cheese and gummies) and the placemats kept them happy AND busy.

Our three year old grandson, Myles, had a hard time waiting to dig in.

Thanksgiving Kid's Table {Love My DIY Home}

Thanksgiving Kid's Table {Love My DIY Home}

The adults? We ate on paper plates and drank from pop cans. I didn’t decorate the table other than a single lantern in the middle of the table with a lit candle.

Funny how the food tasted just as good as last year when I went all out on the fall tablescape.

This was last year’s (the subject of the recent 7 part series, Fall Tablescape – Seven Days of Tips)

Here are are all seven of the fall tablescape tips series:

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Kid’s Table”

  1. Myles is a cutie! I'm sure you scored lots of points with that fun snack plate and coloring pages. I'm sure it must seem like an eternity to the little ones waiting until the food finally gets done.

    Even on a special day, sometimes the paper plates and cans just have to work. And yes, the food tastes just as good. I'm glad you had a blessed day with family – that is really more important than the dishes anyway. 🙂

    • Hey Karen, thanks for stopping by. I’ve enjoyed your blog posts – I’ll be checking out your bread recipe today. It’s been forever since I’ve baked my own bread. I have a friend who makes super delish wheat bread and occasionally shares. Ha! Yes, the food tasted just as good with paper plates and cans of soda. In the past I’ve ALWAYS used the good dishes. There’s a first time for everything! Blessings to you, my friend.


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