A Cat Condo for Two - Part 4

Welcome back! This is my fourth video tutorial for my project, A Cat Condo for Two. This was a big project with many different designs and techniques, so I split it up into four videos. If you've not seen them yet, go to the first one and make your way through.

Here are the links to the first three tutorial videos:

A Cat Condo for Two - Part 1

A Cat Condo for Two - Part 2

A Cat Condo for Two - Part 3

This video is a quick look at how I decorated the other side of this Cat Condo for Two.

Since it'll be in my office for the time being, I won't see this side. It's next to the wall, but that's OK since I tend to move things around in my house. I took the opportunity to do more designing than just the typical matchy matchy.

At the end I'll give you a bunch of photos to see the whole project. Meanwhile, take a look at the other three tutorial videos. I put a lot into this piece and I LOVE it, as do MIA and MAX.

Isn't it fun to design for yourself? You have no one to please but YOURSELF!

Special thanks goes to my grandson, Isaac of TOOLS PLAYGROUND, on Youtube. We started out together, making videos for my business and he branched out to creating them for his own Youtube channel. Take a look and give him a "LIKE" if you would as a thank you for helping me with my Part 4 videos when I couldn't do them myself (I'm dealing with strained vision from doing too many videos with new glasses that were made wrong).

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