Small changes in your kitchen can be big {Love My DIY Home)

Keeping Up With the Joneses – Just a Little Tweek

We’ve already talked about this. Life isn’t always strawberry lemonade and lollipops. BUT, you can DIY. Have you ever heard the expression Carpe Diem? What do you think “Seize the Day” means? I think it means to make the most of every moment and situation. That’s just what the Joneses are doing. Hence… The kitchen was a mess. It smelled, … Read more

DIY Reno of Foreclosed Home - LMDH

Keeping Up With the Joneses – Making Progress!

We have progress to share today. HA.LE.LOO.YAH. The Bathroom before: The bathroom had three different layers of linoleum with subfloors under each one. Walls patched and painted, wiring done, cabinet painted, subfloor almost in! The wiring was all goofed up, pigtailed all over the place with obvious additions here and there – mish mash! Next up… The Bedrooms before: The … Read more

Basement Reno - You never know what is behind those walls!

Keeping Up With the Joneses – Three Dozen Mice and MOLD!

Ugh. That moment when you realize the job is bigger than the both of you. But then you realize that the truth is better than not knowing… Enter three dozen mice and a basement full of M.O.L.D. Merrily we roll along, roll along, roll along… “This basement isn’t too bad.“ “No biggie.” Right? Typical basement – half done, paneling everywhere, … Read more

Disgusting Foreclosed Home {Love My DIY Home}

Keeping Up With the Joneses – From Polluted to Pleasing

From Polluted to Pleasing When you walk into a foreclosed home, the resulting smell that attacks you along with the less than appealing visuals can be very daunting. At first your sensibilities shout, “No! This is not what I want! I can’t deal with this. It’s too disgusting!” You say to yourself, “I can’t put my family in this place.” … Read more

Summer Floral Arrangement {Love My DIY Home)

DIY Summer Flower Arrangement

While on a road trip with my DH this week I picked up some clearanced (70% off) flowers and vases at Michaels in Flint, MI. Last night I put together two flower arrangements while we sat around the table and chatted at my DD and SIL’s house.  20 minutes, tops. Really, it was that easy. For this vase, I just … Read more