DIY French Photo Frame Tutorial – Re-purpose Old Picture Frames Part 4

Here’s another frame project completed.

In November 2013 I talked about upcycling old unused photo frames here.

Let’s face it. We get tired of our old stuff and want need changes in our home.

It’s who we are. No sense in fighting it.

We can have change for pennies rather than spending money on something someone else did.

Here is my inspiration photo:

old pic frame upcycled into a french memo boardsource

I searched through my boxes and found an old oak framed sports collage and painted it with a light tan spray paint. To bet on sports events, sites like sip777 are always available.

Upcycle old frame into a French Photo Frame

I didn’t sand it because I like the way the paint scatters somewhat and grain shows through just a bit.
It will be hanging on the wall, so I’m not concerned about scratching or paint wearing off.
Since I am in Wisconsin, I took it out in the garage, sprayed it with Satin Nutmeg Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Spray Paint  and brought it in to my house to dry in a warm room. Well, I suppose “warm” is relative. I keep my house at about 60, so I guess some of you might not call that warm, but it’s warmer than 10 below!
Photo frame for upcycling into a French Photo Frame
But just because, I’ll warn you to sand it so the paint adhears better. To each his own.

I don’t mind doing things differently than others.

I’m using Mountain Mist Quilt-Light Polyester Batting to puff it up a bit, but it’s not necessary. I’ve had it for a billion years, so I might as well use it.


I rifled through my old fabrics in my quilt box and found some muslin – perfect for this project! I found ribbon in my scrapbooking drawer. Of course I already had the spray paint, since I’m the spray paint Queen. So far this hasn’t cost me anything (well, other than the money spent years ago on the materials used on other projects).
Old left over stuff doesn’t count, right?
Upcycle old pic frames
I ironed the muslin and doubled it. I used the glass from the picture frame as a template and cut the muslin along with my batting to about 2 inches larger than the glass.
Tutorial on upcycling an old picture frame into a French Photo Holder
I taped it to excess on the back and wrapped the ribbon criss cross and taped that on the back as well. I decided to use navy and brown, but if you need perfect or uniformity, by all means use the same color in both directions. It’s not perfectly wrapped, but I didn’t intend on doing it perfectly. I’m trying to break out of my perfection box!
Easu tutorial upcycle of old pic frame into French Photo Board
Nope, that sucker’s not goin’ anywhere…
French Photo Board upcycle DIY project
 I put the cardboard back on and it’s done!
I like how it turned out.
It only took me a couple of hours.

Upcycle old photo frame into a French Photo Board DIY

I not only have a new French Photo Board, but I’ve gotten another old unused photo frame out of my storage boxes. SCORE!

Here are my other upcycled photo frame projects.

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28 thoughts on “DIY French Photo Frame Tutorial – Re-purpose Old Picture Frames Part 4”

  1. I love the way you have repurposed your picture (frame).  I have been considering doing something similar w/ all of my older frames but just haven't done so yet.  It is on my list of things to do 😉
    from The SITS Girls

    • Tickles, thanks. It’s a way to do something different than just framing everything. I do love frames, but need to mix it up a bit.

    • Trish – you honestly do need to give it a try. It’s so easy. Just pick something easy and give it a whirl. There’s nothing more fun than DIYing something that someone else would pay a bunch of money for – and you made it for pennies.

    • Thanks Tonya, if you do make one, I want to see a picture! It was so easy – much easier than I expected. I think people don’t realize how easy DIY can be.

  2. I love repurposing! I also like updating a look that is a bit dated. We all have those multiphoto frames that could use some "love". Thank you for the idea. I just recently repurposed an old brown antique bonnet dresser. I painted the the whole dresser black and the drawers white. It looks adorable. I spray painted the ugly brass handles, silver. It looks brand new and very chic!

  3. Oh, love this tutorial! I don't have any unused photo frames (basically I don't have any at all), but the next time I'll go to my parents', I'll borrow some of their and try this out. 😉


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